B.Tech. in CSE (Cloud Computing and Block Chain)

B.Tech. In Computer Science and Engineering (Cloud Computing and Block Chain)

  • About Program

    Cloud Computing & Blockchain are the two revolutions in technology that are driving the world towards modernization, at an exponential rate. In today’s world, blockchain-based fiscal networks administer more than trillions of dollars in assets and economic transactions. The Blockchain technology will one day shape the significance of businesses, governments and industries in our world. The birth of this immutable ledger technology dates back to the year 2009. Quite aptly, Blockchain technology ensures the existence of cryptocurrency in our world. From hedge funds to stock trading; from the Internet of things (IoT) to supply-chain management, the applications of Blockchain technology are several.
    This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, covering its mathematical, computational, and economic foundations. In addition to these technical aspects, students will explore the broader societal and legal implications of a decentralized currency system that relies on consensus among its users.
    Cloud Computing on the other hand ensures the discharge of IT services such as databases, software analytics, servers, et cetera over the cloud (Internet) to facilitate gigantic economies, an amass of resources and innovation. According to a recent analysis, the international cloud computing market is expected to rise significantly, within the coming years, with more than a million job opportunities requiring highly technical roles ranging from Cloud Developers to Cloud Software Engineers, Project Managers, Cloud Network Architects, et cetera.

    Program Brief

    The specialization program in Cloud Computing and Blockchain will enable you to understand the rudimentary principles of Serverless computing, Cloud computing & Blockchain technology. Through this program, we aim to divulge the theoretical, as well as practical implementations of Blockchain and Cloud Computing. The program will cover the process of developing applications and their management on the cloud. This program draws from the expertise offered by our distinguished faculty and industry leaders which makes the University a tailored choice for technical aspirants.

    Our AIM

    Through this program we aim to recognize the rapidly evolving technological landscape and the crucial role played by these emerging fields in shaping the future of businesses and industries. The University's decision to offer this specialization serves as a strategic step towards equipping our students with the requisite knowledge and skills.


    Our curriculum has been devised to equip students with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies and practical applications of these emerging technologies. It has been mindfully curated to provide students with the technical expertise and analytical skills required to navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of Blockchain and Cloud Computing. It encompasses a rigorous and stimulating learning experience that covers an array of topics ranging from the rudiments of Blockchain and Cloud Computing to advanced use cases and applications.

Learning Outcomes

Should you choose to pursue this course, you will:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the foundational concepts of cloud computing, including cloud architecture, deployment models, service models, and cloud security.
  • Be able to evaluate different cloud service providers and select the appropriate one based on the needs of an organization.
  • Gain proficiency in deploying and managing cloud-based applications, databases, and storage systems, as well as monitoring their performance and availability.
  • Be able to analyze the different blockchain types, their underlying consensus mechanisms, and their potential applications.
  • Familiarize with the key challenges and limitations of blockchain technology, including scalability, interoperability, and regulatory compliance.
  • Be able to identify and evaluate potential blockchain use cases in various industries, such as finance, supply chain management, and healthcare.


  • Career Prospects

    After having completed the program with this specialization track, graduates will be able to secure rewarding careers in the industry such as:

    • Cloud Architect
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Cloud Operations Manager
    • Cloud Security Analyst
    • Blockchain Developer
    • Blockchain Analyst
    • Blockchain Project Manager
    • Blockchain Consultant

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