B. Tech. CSE with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics)

  • About Program

    Artificial Intelligence seems almost intrinsic to the fabric of our society. Continuously, in coherence and ubiquitous forms that mankind is unaware of. The competence of a machine or computer program to collect, inspect, understand, make decisions and adapt from experience is a revolutionary tool for several organizations, both government and private.
    The specialization program in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics, lies at the pivotal junction of acumen and technology, which is equipped with the resources and infrastructure to help traverse through such unmapped territories. Radical yet pragmatic; by pursuing this program you will be able to enhance your competence to lead in the realm of AI, including the ways to attenuate risk without impeding modernization & innovation.
    The Computer Science academia is potentially driving the world towards the technological singularity, or in layman’s terms, the intelligence explosion. The evolution of technology is progressing at an exponential rate because of the active research that is prevalent in academia.


    This course is for students who wish to conceptualize, design, develop and implement AI systems with a deep understanding of concepts in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics and related areas. The course is intended to meet the general audience, along with professionals willing to indulge in extensive research, and also scholars with no prior knowledge of the domain. The program emphasizes on addressing real-world problems, many of which can be solved or will progress using advanced AI systems.
    DIT University is a prestigious foundation, entrusted by numerous scholars in the field of technical education. The University has been imparting unparalleled learning in the field of Computer Science for a quarter of a century now and is one of the best colleges for Artificial Intelligence course and best college for Machine Learning and Robotics course.

    OUR AIM:

    Through this course we aim to acknowledge and hold regard for the ways in which AI has already changed our world for the better; to explicate the rudimentary concepts and understanding of AI systems, and to equip ourselves with a wiser understanding of how AI will help shape our world, so that we can easily adapt to the language of the future


    Our ever-evolving curriculum for this executive program will help you improve your knowledge in the world of technology by studying the most favoured disciplines such as AI, ML & Robotics. Our program has been mindfully directed to help you hone your critical thinking ability in regard to concerning themes like veracity, security, and privacy
    The School of Computing, DIT University is one of the best colleges in Dehradun for B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence course because of the Fully Flexible Choice Based Credit System (FFCBCS) available to students, which allows them to earn credit by studying and choosing their preferred minor divisions. The approach to imparting knowledge at DIT has always been very student-oriented, which provides the scholars with an atmosphere to nurture adeptness within. To learn more, click here

Learning Outcomes

Should you choose to pursue this course, you will:

  • Be able to differentiate between AI and ML and learn their applications and use.
  • Examine novel ways with an aim to facilitate the application of technology in various sectors, seamlessly.
  • Examine AI and ML governance frameworks.
  • Foregather learning into how AI can be utilized for the greater good of society.



    After having completed the program with this specialization track, graduates will be able to secure rewarding careers in the industry such as:

    • AI Engineer
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • AI Application Stack Developer.
    • Robotics Engineer
    • Robotics Process Automation Engineer
    • Research Opportunities

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