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Industrial Visits, Field Project and Internship

  • The University recognizes the fact that field visit, industrial tour and Internship are important components for a student’s development. DIT, University imparting education with experiential learning and giving the exposure to the students through this activity. These activities supplement and enrich classroom learning and encourage new interests amongst students. It also makes them more aware of community resources and problems and helps them relate their educational experience to the outside world.

    Different field visit, field trip, internship and excursions are planned and executed at DIT across the offered program. As such, apart from the academic development, the social and overall development of our students is also being focused. Industry tours, field project and internship are an integral part of the University Curriculum. These tours ensure that students gain practical insights to industry operations in their respective areas of specialization. Some of the companies of repute are mentioned below, wherein our students have undertaken such experience while studying.

  • internship and excursions
  • internship and excursions
  • internship and excursions
    1. Ashok Leyland
    2. Hero Motocorp Ltd
    3. Infosys
    4. Mahindra & Mahindra
    5. Ranbaxy
    6. ONGC
    7. Honda Motors
    8. Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP)
    9. Rockman
    10. IRDE
    11. Coca-Cola
    12. IBM
    13. Wipro
  • internship and excursions
The objective of field visit, internship and research project is to give exposure of an industry to the students, at the same time it imparts lesson of team spirit which is mandatory attribute for a good professional.