M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

  • About the program

    Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Computer Science Engineering is a postgraduate program that equips students with advanced knowledge and skills in various realms of Computer Science Engineering (CSE). This program aims to equip students with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of computer science concepts and rudiments, advanced algorithms, software engineering, computer networks, databases, and more. Typically, the course runs for two years, split into four semesters
    The curriculum of the M. Tech in CSE program is structured to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation, practical knowledge and skills in the realm of technology. Recent advancements in the field of Computer Science Engineering have yielded significant breakthroughs in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. The explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in recent years has resulted in many companies investing heavily in these technologies. The development of natural language processing and computer vision techniques has led to significant improvements in various applications such as speech recognition, image and video analysis, and autonomous driving, et cetera.
    Should you be looking for the best M. Tech in CSE in AI colleges in Dehradun, DIT University is an ideal choice to consider. DIT University offers a comprehensive curriculum in the latest technologies. Pursuing an M. Tech in Computer Science Engineering can provide you with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving world of computer science. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in AI or robotics, DIT University can help you achieve your aspirations.

    With specialization in:

    1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics
    2. Data Science and Engineering
    3. Internet of Things
    4. Computer Vision and Biometrics

Duration & Eligibility

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
(2 Years)

1. Passed in BE / B Tech(CS/IT/ECE/EE) or in MCA/ MSc(CSE/ IT/ECE/EE/Math) or equivalent with a minimum of 60% marks.
2.GATE/NET qualified students shall be preferred.

Program Fee Ist Year (2024-25)

Particulars All India Category Uttarakhand/Himalyan State Quota (After 26% Scholarship on Tution Fee)
1st Semester 2nd Semester 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Tution Fee 40,950 40,950 30,303 30,303
Academin Service Fee 22,050 22,050 22,050 22,050
Total 63,000 63,000 452,353 52,353

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Program Highlights

  • 68 credits program.
  • Advanced core and elective courses with latest curriculum and research trends.
  • Campus Placement in high-end companies and multinational research labs.
  • Students intending to pursue a Ph.D. after M.Tech can apply for the Thesis option rather than the Non-Thesis option. Alternatively, students will have the option to be fast-tracked to the Ph.D. program in the later part of the program after having completed a minimum of two semesters of the M.Tech Thesis program. Each fast-tracking application will be evaluated by a committee. Evaluation criteria will include excellent academic record with a passion for research.

Program Curriculum (As Per FFCBCS Scheme)