Masters in Business Administration

Masters in Business Administration 

  • About the Program

    The Department of Management Studies at DIT University aspires to create innovative, ethical, responsible and quality business leaders who are equipped to succeed and overcome the obstacles of the corporate world. Nested at the foothills of the Himalayas, the University provides an atmosphere of holistic development for the students. The department offers world class business education through its post graduate program in business (MBA). The MBA program is designed to offer students the best of academics and industry. The learning outcomes of the program enable students to respond to real-life business issues while enabling them to succeed and excel in their respective business domains. With an annual intake of 60 students, the MBA program offers specializations in four major domains, i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Business Analytics over the span of 6 trimesters.
    Students at DIT, the best MBA College in Dehradun, can choose major in two specializations simultaneously to enhance their skills and add to their employability. The program offers a variety of specialized courses that are renewed and upgraded from time to time as per the need of the industry, by careful deliberation and advice from experts. The MBA program also gives students the opportunity to choose skill enhancement and free elective courses like Advanced MS Excel, SPSS, Python, Tableau and R. The choice of the specialization is flexible and can be introduced depending on the sufficient number of students opting for a particular specialization.


    1. Marketing
    2. Finance
    3. Business Analytics
    4. HR


    The curriculum and teaching pedagogy are a blend of theory and real life challenges which equips our students to successfully overcome the challenges of the contemporary business world. We offer a variety of exciting learning experiences for our students through the use of business simulations, case analysis and presentations, management games, role plays, business plans and live projects to develop leadership and problem solving skills that are imperative for every business graduate today. The evaluation system enables students to develop analytical and conceptual thinking by participation in case analysis, real life business issues and mini projects. To enhance the employability of our students, the department provides soft skills, aptitude building, technical training and personality development sessions that create a launch pad for successful transitions from campus to corporate.

Duration & Eligibility

Masters in Business Administration
(2 Years)

Passed Undergraduate degree with aggregate 50% marks

Program Fee Ist Year (2024-25)

Particulars All India Category Uttarakhand/Himalyan State Quota (After 26% Scholarship on Tution Fee)
1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
Tution Fee 52,667 52,667 52,667 38,973 38,973 38,973
Academin Service Fee 32,733 32,733 32,733 32,733 32,733 32,733
Total 85,400 85,400 85,400 71,706 71,706 71,706

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Program Educational Objectives

PEO1 Impart knowledge about fundamental theories, tools and techniques of management that may be utilized in understanding complex business problems and taking appropriate decisions.
PEO2 Develop student potential and capabilities for generating requisite business related information by carrying out independent research
PEO3 Develop entrepreneurial thinking among students by giving chance to their creativity and innovation
PEO4 Develop students into effective communicator, motivator, team players & business leaders who will show integrity, ethics and concern for society during demanding business situation.

Outcomes of the Program

PO1 Demonstrate the awareness about business world issues and one’s own skills so that they are employed readily in industry
PO2 Communicate effectively at various business situations such as public presentations, seminars, conferences etc. Further, student shall be able to negotiate with different stakeholders for business organizations they represent.
PO3 Think critically to solve complex business problems and propose a workable solutions to take better business decisions
PO4 Learn effective Leadership skills by providing vision, motivation and direction to team
PO5 Develop entrepreneurial thinking by coming up with innovative product ideas and take up startups to exploit business opportunities.
PO6 Exhibit great commitment to ethics and set morally high standards while handling any business situation
PO7 Become a life-long learner for providing solutions to newer business challenges.