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We at our university strongly believe in Academic autonomy, which can be fruitful when we give greater emphasis on roles of our stakeholders: Students, Faculty, Alumni, Employer, and Parents. The university recognizes the role of our students and by their participative role in academics, they will develop sincerity and belongingness. Similarly the contribution of alumni, and faculty would give synergy to the teaching learning outcomes.

For inducing good practices in our system we have been continuously organizing 360 degree feedback from the stake holders. To modernize the course delivery and course contents up to date, feedbacks from students have played an important role along with our employers and alumni.



  1. To facilitate the students for a greater role in the teaching -learning process.
  2. To develop a sense of greater responsibility and belonging .
  3. To update and alter the course contents based on stakeholders’ positive suggestions.
  4. To provide freedom to faculty to modify and improve their teaching.
  5. Methodologies and contents.
  6. To establish a system of transparency between the university and stakeholders.

For Online Feedback click on below link:

Online Feedback Student Click here
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