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Ph.D. in Management

A doctoral degree in the discipline of Management is a prestigious and highly sought-after academic qualification that imbues students with the knowledge, expertise, and research acumen necessary to excel in leadership positions across the realms of commerce, governance, and academia. The curriculum of a PhD in Management is expansive and interdisciplinary, encompassing the study of organizations, leadership, strategy, decision-making, and the dynamics of the corporate world. As such, the degree can delve into a vast array of topics, from organizational behavior and human resource management to entrepreneurship, innovation, and international business. The primal aim of the program is to nurture and cultivate the research capabilities of students, which involves imparting training in research methodology, data analysis, and statistical techniques. The coursework required for the program is extensive and intensive, and students are expected to attend research seminars and conferences in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. Moreover, students must complete a dissertation that presents original research, demonstrating their ability to contribute meaningfully to the field of Management.

Another essential aspect of a PhD in Management program is the opportunity for students to specialize in a particular area of study. This may require them to select a specific research topic or work closely with a faculty member who specializes in a particular field of management. Students enrolled in a PhD in Management program must also participate in teaching and mentoring activities, such as serving as teaching assistants, leading discussions or seminars, or working with undergraduate or graduate students on research projects. In addition to its academic and research-oriented training, a PhD in Management can also provide valuable career opportunities, including employment in academic institutions, government agencies, consulting firms, or private sector organizations. A PhD in Management is an arduous and rigorous program that requires a significant commitment of time and effort. However, for those who have an unbridled passion for advancing the field of management and a desire to make a meaningful impact, the degree can be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Program Curriculum (As Per FFCBCS Scheme)