Ph.D. in English

Ph.D. in English

Pursuing a doctorate in English is a prodigious undertaking that demands an unswerving commitment, a perspicacious approach to research, and a profound reverence for the complex cultural, literary, and linguistic milieus that underpin the subject. As an aspirant for a doctorate in English, one is expected to engage in an exhaustive and penetrating examination of the language, Literature, and socio-cultural landscapes of English-speaking societies. The doctoral program in English encompasses an elaborate and multifarious curriculum that encompasses a blend of rigorous coursework, exacting examinations, and an exhaustive research thesis. As an initiatory phase, students are required to complete a core set of courses that provide a foundational understanding of the discipline, and delve into advanced topics such as literary theory, critical analysis, linguistics, and cultural studies. The coursework is designed to imbue students with a holistic and nuanced understanding of the subject, and a command over its many facets.

Apart from coursework, doctoral candidates are required to pass examinations that assess their aptitude for the subject matter. These examinations are designed to gauge their grasp of the subject, their analytical and critical reasoning skills, and their ability to synthesize complex ideas. The hallmark of a doctoral program in English is the research thesis. The thesis is a magnum opus of original research that is meticulously conducted by the candidate on a topic of their choosing, under the guidance of their supervisor. The thesis must embody the candidate's ability to undertake independent research, think critically and analytically, synthesize diverse ideas, and make original contributions to the field.

A doctorate in English offers a multitude of career opportunities, including academia, publishing, creative arts, and journalism. Graduates of this program are eminently suited for high-profile positions that demand a deep understanding of language, literature, and cultural practices. They are also equipped with the necessary skills to pursue research in a diverse array of fields. A doctorate in English is a profound intellectual pursuit that demands a combination of incisive analytical skills, an abiding passion for the subject, and a profound appreciation for the intricate complexities of language and literature. Graduates of this program are eminently qualified to pursue a wide range of careers and contribute to the world in myriad ways.


As per DITU PhD Ordinance

The maximum period will count from the date of enrollment to the date of submission of the PhD thesis.

In exceptional circumstances, to the satisfaction of the Vice-Chancellor, a candidate may be granted (a) an extension of maximum of one year over and above the maximum duration as specified above or (b) a relaxation of one year in the minimum duration as specified above provided (s)he is a full time candidate with MTech or equivalent as entry qualification.

In case a Ph.D. scholar is not able to complete the Ph.D. successfully complete the Ph.D. within the maximum duration as specified above (including 6.2(a) above) his/her registration will expire and his/her Ph.D. program will stand automatically terminated.


1. Passed Post Graduation in respective discipline of study with 55% marks or 6 CGPA on scale of 10
2. NET/GATE/SRF qualified students shall be preferred.

Fee Structure - (Per Semester)

Particulars 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Tution Fee 47,250 47,250

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Program Curriculum (As Per FFCBCS Scheme)