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Collaborative Exchange Activity

Launch of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Students’ Chapter at DIT University

Organized by the School of Architecture, Planning, and Design

Date: 12th April, 2022

Students Participated: 35 | Faculty Participated: 11


  • The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was formed in the year 2001 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to promote green building concepts in the country. The vision of the council is to enable ‘sustainable built environment for all’ and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in sustainable built environment by 2025. The council is represented by all stakeholders of construction industry comprising of: Corporates, Government & Nodal agencies, Architects, Product manufacturers, Institutions, etc. As on date, we have over 1,800 members which includes 170+ Founding members. The council operates on a consensus based approach and member-driven.

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  • Dr. Anjali K Sharma, Director, School of Architecture, Planning & Design welcomed the dignitaries from IGBC. Ar. Jeet Kumar Gupta, Chairman, IGBC Chandigarh Chapter briefed about an overall vision of IGBC towards spearheading the green building movement in India & Green building. A formal launch of IGBC chapter was conducted in the presence of the honourable Prof. G. Raghurama, Vice Chancellor, DIT University. A question and answer session was conducted where students of the architecture department raised their queries.

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An Interactive Session on Save Thano at DIT University Collaboration with Citizens for Green Doon (NGO), Dehradun

Organized by the School of Architecture, Planning, and Design

Date: 27th April, 2022

Students Participated: 21 | Faculty Participated: 4

  • Pushpam Singhal, coordinator of the SaveThano Campaign where 10 thousand trees were to be chopped for the expansion of the Dehradun Airport. He is now coordinating the SaveDehradun Campaign with support from various organizations of Dehradun. Himanshu Arora and Ruchi Singh Rao come from the Citizens of Green Doon (CFGD) which is a Dehradun based NGO. CFGD has been working for more than 10 years to preserve the greenery of Dehradun and has been involved in environmental litigation and advocacy. Himanshu & Ruchi continue to raise their voices on the mindless development and reckless tree felling in Dehradun.

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  • Ar. Meghna Chatterji, Assistant Professor and Co-ordinator for the event, DIT University School of Architecture, Planning and Design, DIT University organized a talk on the SAVE DEHRADUN CAMPGAIN at DIT University, Dehradun. Save Dehradun is a campaign which aims to spread awareness on the disappearing greenery of Dehradun. This is a public campaign which demands

    1. Blanket ban of felling of trees and choking of rivers.
    2. Divergence from unsustainable tourism based economic model of the state.

    Learning Outcome:

    1. Raising Awareness amongst the students and the faculties about the environmental issues which are posing a threat to Dehradun.
    2. Initiate a conversation and a discussion on environmental issues.

A Training Session on Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation at DIT University Collaboration with Boon Foundation Vardan Sansthan, Dehradun

Organized by the School of Liberal Arts and Management

Date: 30th March, 2022

Students Participated:32 | Faculty Participated: 8

  • DIT University in collaboration with Boon foundation (Vardan Sansthan) organized a One Day Seminar on Basics of Drug Abuse and Prevention on 29th of March, 2022. The seminar gave the students an opportunity to get a glimpse of the sensitivity of issue of drug addiction and its consequences. It also focused on how important is it to help the addicts to come out from a vicious cycle of addiction.

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  • The event was graced with the presence of Hon. Chancellor Sir, Shri N Ravi Shankarji and Director, STEAM and Quality, Dr. Maneek Kumar. They provided their much-needed encouragement to the department in conducting this event. The event started with the greeting of honorary guest speakers Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Dr. Pratibha Sharma, Mr. Gagan and Mr. Ajay Singh, Dr. Sanjay Nagpal, Mr. Handa, Mrs. Shipra Khanna and Mr. Sunil Khanna. The guests were facilitated with memento by the faculty members of Department Humanities and Liberal Arts, namely- Dr. Monika Srivastava, Dr. Vijay Negi, Dr.Kiran Mamagain, Mr. Ram Gupta, Ms. Annu Biswas, Ms. Rageshwari Munderia, Ms. Aditi Jain and Dr. Ritu Raj.

    Mrs. Shipra Khanna, co-founder of Boon Foundation, made students aware about how drug addiction affects family life and relationships. Also, role of family and relationships was discussed in the recovery process of the addicts. Mr. Sunil Khanna, founder of Boon Foundation, enlightened the audience with the knowledge of Science, spirituality and ancient techniques as an approach to life. Overall, this event brought the changes in mindset of the students to treat addicts as patients and not as outcast.

    Miss Annu Biswas closed the evening by presenting the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, staff members, volunteers and students. Certificates were distributed in the presence of Hon. Chancellor Sir, Head of Department and chief guests.

A One Day Workshop on Health Care Analytics at DIT University Collaboration with HNB Medical Education University, Dehradun

Organized by the School of Liberal Arts and Management

Date: 7th May 2022

Students Participated: 23| Faculty Participated: 11

  • This unique program in Healthcare Analytics focused on offering insight into Clinical Care, Human Resource Planning, Patient Records, Diagnostics, and Service Delivery System. Above all healthcare, analytics study the system at the macro as well as micro-level and reflect the deficiencies/gaps in Quality at structure, process, and outcome levels. The Program was intended for Doctors, Owners of hospitals, Senior Nursing Professionals, and Professionals in Health Care Quality Management. Their timely intervention with the help of analytics can help healthcare providers to take corrective action and implement preventive measures to have a better-organized healthcare system.

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  • The course intended participants’ handiness with Business Analytics tools which will equip them to apply analytics for strategic and operational decision-making in healthcare. The outline of the workshop is attached for your reference.

    Objectives of Program:

    1. Understand the emergence of Healthcare Analytics as a competitive and quality improvement strategy
    2. Have a conceptual and theoretical foundation of Health care quality indicators.
    3. Improving the performance of health care professionals using analytics
    4. Learn about audit methods, tools, and technique
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Industrial Visit Collaboration with Patanjali Research Foundation and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar

Organized by the School of Liberal Arts and Management

Date: 12th March, 2022

Students Participated: 10 | Faculty Participated: 02


  • An industrial visit/ educational tour was organized by the school of liberal arts & management for the students of MA (Clinical Psychology). Students visited Patanjali Research Foundation & Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar. Students interacted with industry experts and discussed various topics. Students were accompanied by faculties of DIT University.

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A One Day National Seminar on Dialogues on the Sustainable Development Goals in the Hilly Areas Collaboration with Council of Architecture- Training and Research Centre, Bhopal, India

Organized by the School of Architecture, Planning, and Design

Date: 5th February,2020

Students Participated: 55 | Faculty Participated: 20


  • School of Architecture, Planning & Design organized a one-day national seminar on “Dialogues on the sustainable development goals in the hilly areas” in collaboration with the Council of Architecture- Training Research Centre, Bhopal, India. Notable speakers were Mr. Jay Thakkar, Associate Professor, CEPT University and Ar. Rashi Sirohi, Consultant at Development Alternatives. A seminar was honoured by chief guest, Shri, Shashi Mohan Srivastava, Chief Town & Country Planner, Uttarakhand Housing & Urban Development Authority. The seminar was attended by students, professionals, and academicians across the country.

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National Level Online Faculty Development Program on Sustainable e-Learning Trends in Pharmacy Education and Training Collaboration with Institute of Pharmacy and Technology, Salipur, Odisha & Regional Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tripura

Organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, DIT University, Dehradun

Date: 8-9 August, 2020

Students Participated: 37 | Faculty Participated: 14


  • DIT University, Dehradun, IPT, Salipur, Odisha & RIPSAT- Agartala, Tripura jointly organized a national-level online faculty development program on sustainable e-learning trends in pharmacy education and training between 8-9 August,2020. Dr. Chinmay Biswas, Director of Medical Education, Government of Tripura confirmed to grace the inaugural ceremony as chief guest, and Dr. B. Suresh, President of Pharmacy, Council of India consented to be the chief guest for the closing ceremony.

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  • Eminent speakers included Dr. T.V Narayan, President of Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Dr. Vadlamudi Rao, President Aisa Commonwealth Pharmacists Association, Dr. R.K. Goel, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research Institutes and others.

    The program intended to focus on the utilization of continuing e-learning methodologies in education. The program was focused to train faculty members from a huge diversified group actively involved in the pharmaceutical education system of India. It was a great learning experience for all from eminent speakers.

Three Days Workshop on Study, Use and Timber Collaborated with INTACH Heritage Acaemy, New Delhi

Organized by the School of Architecture, Planning, and Design

Date: 4-6 March, 2020

Students Participated: 22 | Faculty Participated: 2


  • The timber workshop introduced some key philosophical issues and practical challenges which arise in the use and conservation of timber in historic buildings. The workshop comprised of lecture from experts, heritage walks to historic locations and hands on timber workshop. Two local craftsmen from the nearby village were invited to teach the students the vernacular traditions and facilitate skill based learning.

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  • Learning Outcome:

    1. Develop an understanding of timber as historic material
    2. Assess the problems and issues associated with timber
    3. Gain introduction to some of the key approaches and techniques to the conservation of timber.

    Apart from that, the students made small prototypes of timber columns and other joinery used in historic buildings. The event was covered in social media, a video was also made and has been uploaded by BTDT, Dehradun on Youtube where students and the faculties have shared their experiences of the workshop. PFA the link for the same -

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Exchange Program on Environmental Nano-Technology for Socio Economic Development of India

Collaboration with North Dakota State University, USA

Organized By Department of Applied Sciences, DIT University

Date: 13th August – 23rd September, 2018

Student Participated: 97 | Faculty Participated: 3



    Enriching the student’s vitality in key domains of teaching, assessing, research, professionalism, and administration is perceived to improve educational environment significantly and enhances the academic performance of learners, conference on Environmental Nano-Technology for Socio Economic Development held at DIT University on 13 August – 23 September, 2018.

    For Event Gallery: Click here

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  • In this exchange program Prof. Bezbaruah Achintya, a Fulbright scholar from North Dakota State University, USA, took session at DIT campus on 13th August, 2018, which was attended by 97 students along with 3 faculty members. He summarized the recent progresses and advances in the area of nanomaterial, nanostructures, and nanotechnology and its impact on environment as well as the environmental education for sustainability. The field of application of these cited nanostructures is discussed. The conference aims to discuss the environmental impacts of this enabling technology. Then, the risks and the benefits of nanotechnology in environmental issues are mentioned. To overcome these risks and to exploit the benefits, effective management techniques of modern environmental nanomaterials are required. For this reason, it becomes significant to increase people’s knowledge and awareness about the environment and associated challenges, develop the necessary skills and expertise to address the challenges, and foster attitudes, motivations, and commitments to make informed decisions and adopt responsible actions

    One faculty along with 3 students also visited North Dakota State University, USA under Exchange Program. This exchange program presented a unique opportunity for interaction between the two Institutions. The students were also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the exchange program.

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Student Exchange Program

Collaboration with University of Missouri- Kansas City

Organized by Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Date: 3rd January, 2017 to 11th February, 2017

Student Participated: 15


  • University of Missouri –Kansas City with collaboration with ECE & EE department- DIT University organized a student exchange program on 3rd September 2016 which was attended by 15 DIT students. Prof. Bala Natarajan, a distinguished professor at KSU, Manhattan, USA, graced by his presence. He conducted the modules on Wireless communication systems and networks(5G), Statistical signal/information processing (data analytics), wireless sensor networks with biomedical applications, smart cities and cyber physical systems (e.g., smart grid). Delegated from UMKC’s educated the students on their Study Abroad and Global Engagement (SAGE) program. SAGE works with incoming students studying at UMKC for a semester or year from their Exchange Partner Universities. UMKC currently has reciprocal student exchange agreements with over 30 universities abroad. Two of our student are part of this student exchange program.

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  • The aim for this expert briefing was to encourage students to purse their profession and informed them about the courses and programs available in their University including Advances in Electrical vehicle technology. Recently, the EV industry has been known as a huge development. Course details about hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) were presented by the subject matter experts. The experts had an interactive one on one consultation to address all the questions and make sure that the students are clarify their doubts. They provided additional information regarding the UMKC awards and recognition was also shared with the participants:

    • • 12 students named Fulbright Scholars since 2006.
    • • Named as the top 100 "green campuses" (Sierra Club).
    • • 6 current UMKC faculty have received Guggenheim Fellowships.
    • • $43.7 million was awarded to UMKC research and related projects in FY 2018 as external grants.


    Policy and procedure along with Assessment and Evaluation phase of student exchange program were also explained to the participants by the public relation officer- UMKC.


Industry Exchange Program

Collaboration with HYDAC India Pvt. Ltd

Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering

Date: 2nd March 2018- 31st March 2018

Student Participated: 50 | Faculty Participated: 6



    Student Interaction and Exchange Program initiative with the collaboration of HYDAC India Pvt. Ltd was organized for the students and faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

    In this exchange program 4 of the employees from HYDAC India Pvt. Ltd visited DIT campus from 2nd March 2018 – 31st March 2018. The team from HYDAC India Pvt. Ltd was headed by Mr. Santosh, Senior Manager, Head Diatics, HYDAC Pvt. Ltd.

  • Image
  • During their visit they interacted with faculty and students and also discussed and seek consultancy from the faculties of Mechanical department in order to optimize their processes and production.

    6 faculties and 50 students of Mechanical department were sent to HYDAC India Pvt. Ltd. Delhi Office. The main objective of this exchange was to make the aspiring engineers acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of Industrial and mobile hydraulics. The main topics covered under HYDAC Fluid Engineering were a total concept of technical services which aims to:

    • • optimize and/or enhance the availability of machines and fluid technology plants and systems
    • • to lower their operating costs


    HYDAC Fluid Engineering covers the entire spectrum of fluid technology, e.g.

    • • Hydraulic Oils
    • • Lubricants
    • • Cooling Lubricants
    • • Water
    • • Cleaning and Testing Media


    The students as well as the faculties gained a lot knowledge from the interaction with the industry experts and also gained sight into the practical application along with opportunity to explore the working of HYDAC India Pvt. Ltd and its different products.


Industry Exchange Program

IBM India Pvt Ltd

Organized by School of Computing

Date: 15th & 16th April 2016

Student Participated: 69 | Faculty Participated: 8


  • Industry exchange program on Cloud computing by IBM India Pvt Ltd was conducted in collaboration with Faculty of Computer Science- DIT University on 8th & 9th April 2016. It was attended by both students and Faculty (8 Faculty & 69 students).

  • Image
  • Image
  • Program connected educators and learners with a network of industry professionals, virtually, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to the participants. IBM also provided a skills-based volunteering platform for organizations to extend education outreach, and build their brand among the future workforce. Team of 7 consultants, headed by Dr. Mani Madhukar, program manager, visited DIT University in order to seek consultancy regarding curriculum development and content building for their upcoming educational ventures.

    The objective of the session was to explore the Emerging Technology in Cloud Computing because most cloud providers have redundancy built into their global networks, data backup and disaster recovery are typically much easier and less expensive to implement effectively in the cloud than on premises.



Industry Exchange Program

Collaboration with IBM India Pvt Ltd

Organized by School of Computing

Date: 8th & 9th April 2017

Student Participated: 72 | Faculty Participated: 7


  • Two day industry exchange program was held by IBM India Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Faculty of Computer Science on 8th & 9th April 2017 which were attended by 7 Faculty members and 72 students.

    The objective of the session was to explore the emerging technology of Big Data and analytics, its usage and importance.

  • Image
  • The session was very interactive where lots of questions were answered and encouraged students to learn (big data) through highlighting the future scope and the professional growth. Team of 7 consultants, headed by Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Head, GTS Security- Regulatory and Risk Management, visited DIT University in order to seek consultancy regarding curriculum development and content building for their upcoming educational ventures.

    Some of the topics that were covered were:

    Predictive Analytics. One of the prime tools for businesses to avoid risks in decision making, predictive analytics can help businesses.

    • • NoSQL Databases
    • • Knowledge Discovery Tools
    • • Stream Analytics
    • • In-memory Data Fabric
    • • Distributed Storage
    • • Data Virtualization
    • • Data Integration


    The program proved to be really fruitful in terms of knowledge and understanding and it left the students thoroughly motivated.


Student Exchange Program for capsulated module on Urban and Rural Planning

Collaboration with Portland State University, Portland, USA

Organized by Faculty of Architecture and Design

Date: 5th & 6th Sept, 2016

Student Participated: 15


  • The Student interaction and exchange program on Urban and Rural Planning was organized by Faculty of Architecture and Design, DIT University with the collaboration with Portland State University, Portland, USA.

  • Image
  • 15 students participated in the exchange and interaction program. The speaker Ms. Mellie Pullman, of Portland State University gave views on Sustainable urban and rural development and how about improving the quality of life in a locality, including ecological, cultural, political, institutional, social and economic components without leaving any burden—e.g., the result of a reduced natural capital and an excessive local debt—on future generations. In other words, prosperity and environmental sustainability of cities and towns are inextricably linked; therefore, human settlements can only maintain their prosperity when environmental and social objectives are fully integrated with economic goals.

    As a part of Exchange program 2 students from DIT University visited Portland State University, Portland, USA where the students learned urban–rural linkages and the interactions between urban and rural as well as with the people, economy, and environment of rural places. This experience makes them stronger and worldliness.


Faculty Interaction and Exchange Program

Collaboration with CHANG GUNG UNIVERSITY - Center for Reliability Sciences and Technologies, Taiwan

Organized by Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Date: 8th August, 2017- 11th August, 2017

Student Participated: 5 | Faculties Participated: 5


  • The opportunity of faculty-student exchange programs, both international and inter institutional, is one way Indian higher education institutions can ascertain and sustain quality education.

    Collaborative study and exchange program was conducted by Chang Gung (Centre for Reliability Science & Technology) in association with Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering, DIT University from 23rd September 2017 to 30th September, 2017.

  • Image

    Program was attended by 5 Students and 5 Faculty members. The program was headed by Dr. Cher Ming Tan, along with him 4 other faculty members and 5 students from Chang Gung University visited DIT University. The faculty members from the DIT University visited the Chang Gung University - Center for reliability Sciences and Technologies, Taiwan, to gain deep sight in their way of learning. 5 faculty members from Chang Gung University also explored the opportunities with DIT University, Dehradun.

    The goal of this interaction and exchange program was to inspire for student and faculty exchange application and discover the possibilities of studies and collaborative work within the discipline of environmental studies and implemented sciences, so that the students and faculty members from both universities research move cultural and studying pedagogy from every different and beautify their studies activities. CGU takes pleasure in its lively pupil body, and summer time conferences, via extension, try to enhance boom and getting to know in a social, enticing network.



Faculty and Student Exchange Program- Social and Cultural Anthropology

Collaboration with Institute of Asian and oriental studies at the University of Tuebingen, Germany

Organized by Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Date: 12th January 2018

Student Participated: 40 | Faculties Participated: 10


  • DIT University actively supports programs on faculty exchanges between domestic and foreign universities. The benefits to the University from this program are manifold and include:

    • • Wider experience for our faculty members teaching in new and different environments;
    • • Broader exposure for our students from visiting faculty members;
    • • Expanding reputation of the University in the quality of its students and faculty;
    • • Increased opportunities for faculty to meet and work with colleagues in different institutions.


    In this context, An interaction on Social & Cultural Anthropology by Institute of Asian & Oriental Studies at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, in collaboration with DIT University on 12 January 2018.

  • Image
  • Image
  • The team was headed by Dr. Karin Polit, Professor-Department of Anthropology. The interactive session was attended by 40 students of humanities department and 10 faculty members. The session focused on the following topics : what is anthropology, different cultural topics, cultures and societies, culture and beliefs, ethics in anthropology, focusing on language, food and culture, political organization, race, ethnicity and culture, KINSHIP, family and marriage in culture. This lecture includes: Cultural, Anthropology, Art, Social, Function, Artistic, Expression, Examples, Relevance, Forms, and Quality.

    10 faculty members from DIT University were involved in the exchange program with Institute of Asian and oriental studies at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. In exchange10 faculty members from the Institute and oriental studies at the University of Tuebingen visited DIT University.


Student Exchange Program - Research

Collaboration with National DongHwa University Hualien, Taiwan

Organized by School of Computing

Date: 8th & 9th January, 2016

Student Participated: 50


  • National DongHwa University Hualien, Taiwan addressed the 50 students of Computer Science, DIT University under the 2 days university exchange program held from 8th to 9th January 2016. Representatives from National DongHwa University Hualien ,Taiwan encouraged the collective learning by student exchange programs with the attempt to enhance growth and learning in a social, engaging network. In addition, two of our students got the opportunity to be a part of the exchange program.

  • Image

    During the exchange program, the insight view on the opportunities of studies and collaborative paintings within the field computer technology ( AI , Data science , robotics ,deep learning , machine learning ), so that the students from both universities learn cross cultural and learning pedagogy from each other and enhance their research activities.



Student Exchange Program for capsulated module on 3D Printing

Collaboration with Chennai Institute of Technology

Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, DIT University

Date: 16th -19th August, 2017

Student Participated: 67


  • Four days Interaction and exchange Program was organized by Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, DIT University in Collaboration with Chennai Institute of Technology from 16th to 19th August which was attended by 67 students. The team of 3 eminent faculties of Chennai Institute of Technology was headed by Mr. A. Suresh an associate professor of Chennai Institute Mechanical Department. His specialization is in machine design.

  • Image

    The objective of the Program on 3 D printing and the topics covered are:

    • o Introduction to Rapid prototype
    • o Introduction to different types of 3D Printers
    • o Materials used for printing:
      •   • Concepts of CAD
      •   • Algorithms used in design
      •   • Design of Assembly (Spur Gear, Helical Screw, Simple Design)
    • o Introduction to G Code
    • o Demonstration of 3D Printer assembly
    • o Testing and calibration of 3D Printer
    • o Demonstration of 3D Printing

    35 students from our end also visited Chennai Institute of Technology under the Exchange Program. Students understood the process of creating 3D models which is much faster than many traditional methods of creating prototypes or replicas of existing objects, facilitating an innovative culture of learning in which students can quickly move from imagination to the production of a solid model.


BIT, Mesra Faculty & Student Exchange Program

Collaboration with Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Organized by Department of Civil Engineering, DIT University

Date: 18th-20th December, 2014

Student Participated: 55 | Faculty Participated: 3


  • Ultimate goal of educational institutes is to develop a vibrant and diverse students as well as faculty. To enhance the skills and learning of our faculty and students, DIT University in collaboration with Birla institute of Technology organized a three day faculty development program.

  • Image
  • In this exchange program 5 faculties from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra which were headed by Professor Gopla Pathak, HOD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, took session at DIT campus from 18th – 20th Dec, 2014. The objective of the session was to make the faculty and the students aware of the new trends in the information and communication technology and how they can incorporate them in their teaching and learning pedagogy. The session helped the faculty and immensely as they were able to get a better understanding of the changes in the industry incorporates in teaching and learning. Faculties attended the programs from all the departments.

    • • Teaching Learning Methods
    • • Presentation Skills and Classroom Management
    • • Problem Based Learning and Project Based Learning
    • • Curriculum Development Strategies
    • • Research and Funding Projects


BIT Mesra-Faculty and Student Exchange Program

Collaboration with Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Organized by Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, DIT University

Date: 16th July, 2014

Student Participated: 45 | Faculty Participated: 3


  • The idea behind arranging this lecture was to enlighten the students with content beyond their syllabus, in the area of power system operation and stability. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a Guest Lecture on the topic ‘Power System Stability’. This lecture was organized on 16th July 2014 The event started at 10.30 am and concluded at 12.30 pm. The 6th and 8th semester students and the faculty of the EEE Department attended the lecture.

    The lecture was delivered by Dr. D. K. Mohanta, Senior Faculty from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. His area of expertise includes power system operation and control, power system stability, dynamics and power system protection among other things. In the course of the lecture, he explained about the basics of power system, power flow and power system stability.

  • Image
  • The term ‘Power system stability’ is used to define the ability of the system to bring back its operation to steady state condition within a minimum possible time, after having undergone any transience or disturbance. From the 20th century till recent times, all major power generating stations across the globe have mainly relied on AC system as the most effective and economical option, for generation and transmission of electrical power.

    3 faculties along with 45 students also visited Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra under Exchange Program. The students were able to enhance their knowledge about power system and its significance. Students gained knowledge on power flow and power system stability.


BIT, Mesra Faculty & Student Exchange Program

Collaboration with Faculty of Architecture & Design

Organized by 6th -11th January 2017, DIT University

Date: 16th -19th August, 2017

Student Participated: 54 | Faculty Participated: 05


  • Team of delegates from BIT, Mesra conducted five day student exchange program at DIT university from 6th – 11th January 2017. The program was attended by 5 faculties and 54 students out of which two students were benefitted in terms of the exchange program.

    The program focused on giving insights of their exchange program and informed the prospective students about their interdisciplinary framework of the programme including academic and non-academic modules. They also notified about the foundations of experiential learning, activities such as performances, discussions, debate, and project work under the BIT, Mesra architecture offering.

  • Image
  • Image
  • Subject matter expert Prof. Snehal Shah educated the participants about Design Thinking and approach for innovation that focuses on designing for and with the people to create products, services, and program for - the customers and users. As a part of the exchange, 3 faculty and 47 students from DIT University visited their campus.


University Student Exchange Program

Collaboration with DY Patil University, Pune

Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, DIT University

Date: 23rd August – 25th August 2014

Student Participated: 135 | Faculty Participated: 8


  • A Student Interaction and Exchange Program in association with DY Patil University was organized for the students and faculties of Mechanical Engineering.

    In this exchange program from DY Patil University, 3 faculty members along with 102 students visited DIT campus from 23rd August 2014 – 25th August 2014. The team of DY Patil University was headed by Mr. Navanath Manjare.

  • Image
  • Image
  • The session was attended by 55 students of DIT University-B.Tech Mechanical Engineering 3rd year. Students from both the universities discussed on various topics like Steam Basics, Generation of Superheated Steam with efficient utilization of energy, Different accessories used in modern thermal power plants, analysis of fuel (coal), impact of flue gases on environment, processing of flue gases to eliminate the pollution and efficiency of thermal power plant etc. 135 students from DIT University also visited the campus of DY Patil University, Pune.

    The students as well as the faculties gained a lot knowledge from the interaction and also gained sight into the practical application of the concepts.


Research Orientated Student & Faculty Interaction & Exchange Program

Collaboration with Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun

Organized by Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies, DIT University

Date: 2nd September 2016 - 8th September, 2016

Student Participated: 65 | Faculty Participated: 5


  • DIT University – Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun Exchange Programme is the one program which is an effective way to build bridges of understanding between students and industry experts. We learn to appreciate in the field of science and technology.

    The research and development activities of CSIR include aerospace engineering, structural engineering, ocean sciences, life sciences, metallurgy, chemicals, mining, food, petroleum, leather, and environmental science.



  • Image
  • In the interaction and exchange program 5 officials from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research visited the campus of DIT University and shared the practical knowledge with the students. The team from IIP was headed by Mr. Raj Kumar Singh (Senior Scientist).

    Along with field visit 65 students and 5 faculty got to interact, research related queries with the employees and department heads of Council of Scientific CSIR IIP.

    The goal of this visit was to give practical exposure the students on Electric Vehicle Project on Zero Emission vehicle. The students had a good opportunity where they came to know about the latest development and what all can be done in the field. Researchers gave their insight about how students can contribute in reinventing certain methodology for better results.


Faculty & Student Exchange Program for Capsulated Module on French Language

Collaboration with Institute Français en Inde – Embassy of France in India

Organized by Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, DIT University

Duration: 2 semester (2018-19)

Student Participated: 52 | Faculty Participated: 1


  • A two semester course in French Language Course was offered by Institute Français en Inde – Embassy of France in India in collaboration with DIT University. This course provides students and faculty member with a basis to approach research topics relating to French literature and culture. This course allows students and faculty member to interact with French speakers in French and to acquire familiarity with those scripts.

  • Image
  • Image
  • The program was headed by Mr. Jatinder Singh – Deputy Head. This program included 2 weeks of training at Institute Français en Inde – Embassy of France in their Delhi office. Students from the institute of Français en Inde also visited DIT University during this tenure of 2 semesters on allotment basis as per the schedule.

    This objective of this study was to provide knowledge and instruction to students and faculty member while also helping them develop their personalities and skills and this course gradually builds knowledge and skills in writing, reading, speaking French and to developing the intercultural competence of the learners.

    DIT University students and faculty member were awarded DELF, an internationally recognized certification Certificate by French Ministry of Education.