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Director - School of Architecture and Planning

Prof. Anjali Krishan Sharma

Director School of Architecture, Planning & Design
Prof. Anjali Krishan Sharma

The School of Architecture and Planning is a dynamic Department of DIT, a premier University of higher learning in Science, Technology and Management with deep ties to the profession representing high cultural diversity. We believe in pluralism and critical thinking and celebrate diversity and of all members of our community. Our nationally-accredited, professional degree programs in B.Arch, B-Design (ID) and B-Design (UX/UI) and M.Plan provide students with cutting edge technical skills and the cultural knowledge in a highly interactive interdisciplinary environment, necessary to work or practice in an increasingly competitive global market. Our studio experience focuses on intensive and extensive exploration of the creative processes, supported by challenging approaches to history, theory in the context of technologies that inform the future. We provide a highly innovative environment for design education in which students benefit from extensive one-on-one communication with highly experienced dedicated faculty in formal reviews and informal interactions. Our Department is known to have produced many remarkable alumni who are not only engaged in reputed organizations nationally and internationally, but have made a mark as entrepreneurs and pioneers in exploring new horizons in Design and Technology.


Professor of Architecture and Director: an Architect Planner graduated from School of Planning and Architecture; New Delhi acknowledged as ‘Institute of National Importance’ by government of India. Have thirty-eight years of versatile experience of academia, practice and real estate sector; Senior Fellow with Higher Education Academy UK [Advance-HE]; recognized RIBA Chartered member and continuing. Have been member of advisory committee for International Conference, Boards of studies, Academic council, Convener, Expert representing Council of Architecture to External reviewer of Cultural properties for nominations through ICOMOS for World Monument Fund. Was awarded an Indo-Dutch fellowship to research on Housing Typologies in public sector housings and won first prize in a national housing design idea competition and was awarded the project as well. Worked on Indian Heritage Cities Network program, UNESCO; a continuation of doctoral work on Sustainability and historic city and a core member of Asian Universities Network Forum on Advances in Research, Japan. Have published Chapters, case study papers on sustainability, urban development, resilience, historic cities, Energy and Climate change, transformations and regional environmental issues, currently book entitled TRADITIONAL URBANISM RESPONSE TO CLIMATE CHANGE - walled City of Jaipur under publication by Springer. Have been keynote speakers, panelist in Asian and at various international platforms.

As you may already know, Dehradun is a unique City, not only known as an academic hub but is also passionately sought after by artists, writers, poets, singers, community activists, environmentalists, indigenous builders and above all, entrepreneurs. Known for its fragile ephemeral landscapes of mountains, forests, rivers, streams, diverse cultures, and intellects, it provides a radical laboratory for design investigations and experimentation. As architects, planners, artists, engineers, and developers, we know our designs are strengthened and improved when considered from multiple perspectives. I also know from my own extensive international and national experience that learning and creativity is enriched primarily by engaging with people of diverse backgrounds. Our students are fortunate to inhabit a campus with a spectacular setting in the backdrop of mountains, streams and greenery, and to engage with the City in its current environmental and cultural issues under the guidance of a passionate and skilled community of faculty, both for Architecture and Design. Our faculty enthusiastically work with students to pursue their passion and career goals continually improvising the syllabi and applying the most contemporary technology and teaching methods.


Over the past few decades, architecture profession has undergone dramatic changes where an architect increasingly remains at the center of the most challenging and defining contextual current issues of our time. We at the School of Architecture and Planning strive our best to keep pace with these changes and our faculty, students, and alumni continue to lead the effort to create a better living environment for people, appropriate to its history and culture. I take this opportunity to welcome you to join the reputed School of Architecture and Planning, DIT University Dehradun to pursue your dreams and career goals.